The Facilities

The Stremenos facilities started operating in 1992, on the banks of the river Prousiotis, in the fir forest on the slopes of Mount Panaitolikos. In a really magical setting, the Stremenos company "marries" Excellent Raw Materials (fresh pork) with the Art of Handmade Cold Cuts and Natural Curing, while keeping its commitment to excellent quality.

In the mountainous and inaccessible western Evritania, nature itself cures the handmade products in ideal conditions. Thus, Stremenos cold cuts are enriched with the natural aromas of the fir forest, which makes them highly sought after. The prosciutto, salami, lonza and sausages have rightfully "earned" their reputation and the preference of their highly demanding audience.

Despite its small size, Stremenos has the highest quality in handmade naturally cured cold cuts.

On the paths of Evritania

Two beautiful and picturesque paths start from the place where the plant is located and you have the opportunity to explore the famous Prousos Monastery, as well as to tour the wild beauty of the route to the Black Cave.

The Prousiotis River

Walking along the river and beyond one enjoys images of unique beauty with lush low vegetation and tall trees.

The Black Cave

It is one of the most beautiful and impressive gorges of Evritania. What makes the gorge of Mavri Spilia (Black Cave) stand out is the unique route that consists of iron nailed steps and ropes on the rock wall of the gorge.


The Prousos Monastery

On the slopes of Mount Panaitolikos, in an impressive gorge just three kilometers away from the plant, resides the famous monastery of Panagia Prousiotissa.